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volbeatwaltz's Journal

I am a quite boring individual. I'm horrifyingly shy, don't like it when people dislike me, and I don't like being pushed around. >_< Yes, I'm very contradictory. Gaming is pretty much my life, although that's pretty sad, it's true... ^^ In fact, I made this account pretty much for the sole intention of buying stuff here. XD I'm more and more becoming interested in Pokemon kids--I've recently bought around 400 through various auctions on Y!J and through stores in pkmncollectors, my fave community. <3 :D My favorite color is green (like my eyes ^^), and my favorite Pokemon for right now is Togepi. Any questions? :)
7 pounds, any pokemon movie :p, anything with a beat., avatar, but i read fanfiction., can't live without 'em., collecting various game-related items, cooking, creating various accounts online, disco, gaming, i dunn read books, inception, mcdonald's, nintendo, pop, singing, sleeping... et cetera., techno, technopop, the little mermaid, the notebook, volkswagen, writing (although very rarely)